Kelly Sekins

Graphic Design

My project for my final is for AIGA Portfolio Night. This only happens once a year. AIGA is the Association of Design and is known all over the world. This on campus event occurs in the fall and allows the students to bring their portfolio in to be critiqued by alumni and any guests that might attend the event. There are speakers at the event who talk about their experience in the field in which they are currently working.

I wanted to pick colors that were appropriate for this event and I choose the RGB color scheme. I chose red for the poster, green for the flyer, and blue for the business card because I felt that this was would be in keeping with the design theme.  RGB is used in TV and computer monitors. I chose objects that were tools that were the creation of art in graphic design and product design.  I choose a camera for the poster, second a hammer for the flyer and a paintbrush with a pallet for the business card. I thought it would look interesting if I made each of the items the same color as the background, so the image would blend in and the words would disappear.  The words are the most important part of the design. Not only do they make up the image just by using negative space, all the words are jargon used in each design field every day and are words that go with portfolio night.  I made all the words a similar color to the background but a little darker. I featured the most important information in white lettering so it would stand out.  The reason the word night is spelled “nite” it is because it’s a tradition that was started on portfolio night and I decided to continue this tradition. This is what resulted in my graphic arts for AIGA Portfolio Nite.

My brochure aims to target a younger crowd. The brochure has extensive research behind it. I spent many hours looking up bio labs on Unfortunately these longer are no longer posted, they have been taken down. I can provide a link with a list of pages of files bio lab company hiring in the bay area. (1.) Again I wanted to focus on college students or students about to graduate. I designed the brochure so it would be possible for it to be mailed directly to students living on the San Francisco State University campus. This can be changed depending on what school is being targeted. I also used the stock image of what the projected owner would look like. I placed the only picture of an older gentlemen who fit the description of the homework assignment. I cut out the background so his image would pop on the page. I put images of young people in circles in the inside cover. I especially wanted to put at least one female looking out at the viewer.  This way the viewer would feel that this is not only a multi racial company, also a place company full of young people including women. In keeping with the young theme I did much research on new and hip styles. The style is based on company called Teague(2.) They use one strong color like pink and then gray. This company is known for being innovative. I decided to use one strong color through out the page; baby blue and then gray throughout all the other pictures.  The cover and the inside of the page feature a double helix. I kept this motif through out the brochure because of the name of the company CalHelix. Hence the word Helix in the name of the company is where I got the idea to make the entire theme a double helix.